Left bed

Cough, cough!

I coughed twice just after I typed the title words. Pity I had to stop the comment facility on my blog to protect readers from selfish ‘scam’ people posting links. I am sure I would have got a number of comments about my cold and progress in getting over it.

Since Monday, I have cancelled 8 appointments/meetings. I decided to do so to protect people from getting infected. I take medicine three times a day and that is slowly showing results. ‘Coughing my lungs up’ is now only when I get out of bed. Sales in the tissue industry are doing well at the moment thanks to my purchases.

 I found it boring sometimes to have to stay at home. I did a lot of reading, German grammar exercises, listening to music. At the moment I am listing to J.S.Bach on BBC Radio 3. He is the Composer of the Week. Try to listen to the programme via internet. I like the explanations given about each piece played.

The next few days look to be quiet, so more medicine and sleeping so I can emerge into next week full of ‘vim and vigour’! I decided to add an image of Bertie the Bear. Seems like he is also suffering from at least a cold!  Come on Bertie – take your medicine like a good bear :-))