Left bed

Why me?

I had to cancel a meeting this morning and have just told my Ko Gang that I cannot go with them to the Philharmonie this evening. I shall miss an evening of music by Brahms and I am not happy about that! I got a call from The Boyz asking if they could visit tomorrow. I told them, ‘NO!’ Why? The answer is that I now have a very bad cold and do not want to infect others.

Why me? A good question. I recently boasted to friends that I had got through winter so far with no cold, flu or other seasonal illness. Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut! But then about every third person in Berlin is suffering from a cold or flu. I asked someone why me and they smiled as  they replied, “It’s your turn!”

I’m also have problems to sleep. My nose gets blocked and I can’t breath so I have problems to sleep. At least I have a large reserve of tissues! I’ve resigned myself to a weekend behind closed doors, keeping warm, sweating and hoping to get over the worst by Monday. I have a lot of meetings then and don’t want to infect others. I hope you are well and not suffering from a seasonal illness.

I recently met another Gang. One of them had been to Australia to attend her sons wedding. She brought back some Koala Bears. She added chocolates to their arms and presented them to us. I really had to smile and hope they make you smile as well. Later I dropped my computer mouse onto the floor and it stopped working. I wondered what was inside so with the help of a hammer and screwdriver I found out. Now you know. Enjoy your weekend in good health:-)