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What does eltabb mean? The answer is: English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg. I co-founded it 25 years ago and we shall be celebrating that later. I was made the first honorary member when I hit retirement age. It offers professional development to members via a range of activities such as workshops and guest speakers. It works closely with language schools and publishing houses.

I went to a university building on Hardenbergstr. on Saturday morning. I used to teach at the British Council school which was just around the corner then. Nice to see the area again. We started with a workshop given by Dr. Michael McCarthy of Cambridge University. He has built a career on statistical output from corpora to learn about vocabulary. For example: which words are commonly used, or not, and why.

We then retired to another room for lunch and lots of talking to friends. In the afternoon we had our AGM. I am sure you know it means Annual General Meeting. I always like to attend to see how one board ends its elected period and members elect another board. Here is a photo of the new board. Nice to see many women elected to office. In the evening we retired to the nearby Cafe Hardenberg for food, drinks and relaxed chats with other members. I enjoyed the whole day