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February 2019 Things

My week started well. On Monday I met Barbara for another German session. She corrects my text and then we do dictation. I like that and learning more about writing German. I then dashed to meet my Kowalke Gang. There were five of us to enjoy a tasty, long and lazy lunch. Lots of talking and a glass or two of something nice to help digest the food.

On Tuesday I closed down completely. No appointments, no meetings and even no telephone calls. Two days just for me. I cooked, read, did homework, dozed off after lunch, watched TV during the day, which is something I usually never do. I must do this more often! Today I visited the AWO for a chat and lots of tea with biscuits. Tomorrow I shall go to Kerstin’s Keep-Fit-For-Oldies session, then into town to meet Stefan and my Photoshop Gang.

Who has a birthday in February? My oldest and best friend Alan starts the month with his 76th birthday on the 3rd. I’m sure he will celebrate with Lynne in ‘Cas’ with lots of friends. He shares the day with Imre who will be 64. He told me it would be a low key celebration. Back in Berlin, Jens W. will be 49 on the 4th and sure to celebrate at the family house near Muggelsee. Dr. Inge P. will be 71 on the 18th and may celebrate with her husband in St. Petersburg. Eleonora hits 60 on the 22nd. Moving to London we find Adrian B. celebrating his 59th with Tanya on the 25th. Over in Australia, Peter B. will be relaxing in the sun as he celebrates his 39th birthday.  Happy Birthday to each and all. Have a wonderful day mo matter where you are!