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Imre Photos

Imre came to visit yesterday. It was great to see him again and listen to his adventures. He spent Christmas and New Year in Manilla with his lady. He brought his 2 ‘smartphones’ and iPad containing over a thousand photos! Yes, you read correctly. I repeat: more than ONE THOUSAND photos! Many of them were snap, snap shots and repeated the same content.

He looked the same as ever and proudly told me he had lost weight. I said, “Good, now lets go to a restaurant for lunch.” We went to my local ‘Traditional German Menu’ restaurant and found it full of families celebrating birthdays. We got the last table for two. Imre ordered ‘Eisbein’ which in English is described as ‘knuckle of pork’. You eat it with potatoes and white cabbage = very traditional. I ordered a fish dish with salad and a glass of cool white wine. Mmmmh…very tasty!

I listened to him talking about his recent adventures, including last weekend when he was in Hungary visiting friends and going to a rock concert – he has a vast collection of rock music. We munched away as he talked and I listened. We returned to my place and started on the massive task of selecting what to see from the over 1 thousand photos. I could see he enjoyed re-living the time with his lady in Manilla. He plans to move there next year when he retires.

Here is a photo of him showing the postcard he sent. It is also in my last post. I like getting postcards and sharing the views on the front and reading the text on the back. Here is one from Hannelore and Peter from their home in a village just north of Nice in the south of France. They just wanted to thank me for my Christmas card and share some news. The postcard has colours in stark contrast to the snow that recently settled over Berlin and turned everything white. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.