Left bed

Sir Peter in Karlshorst

Hello readers, hello world, hello brothers and sisters, my name is Sir Peter Earl of LongLegs and I am at John’s place in Berlin Karlshorst. 

I am a friend of Jan, we know each other from school, and that is how it came about that I am also a friend of John. 
So after I have introduced myself, you might ask yourself what has happened that John does not write his blog post himself today. 
John invited me to come to Karlshorst and after a quick G&T we went to a nice Italian restaurant close to his flat. After that we bought a wall clock, red as well as white wine in a local supermarket called “Penny”.
Back in John’s kitchen we had some “Kaffee and Kuchen”and took a look at some pictures John has taken during the day (you can see one of them on the left ;-).
Now, I took over John’s computer and write this blog post while he washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen. How this story ends…mmmhh…that is a good question….but I think John will answer it when he returns from the bathroom or at least after a good glas of red wine 🙂