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Mug Gang

It’s cold, gray and wet in Berlin. The south of the country is experiencing large snowstorms. It is clearly winter. I move around in a thick winter coat and leather boots, but I notice some young people still wear light summer sport shoes. Must be something to do with age!

I had a relatively quiet week which ended with meeting my Muggelsee Gang yesterday evening. I took tram 27 into Köpenick and got out in front of the Town Hall. Köpenick is a district south-east of the one I live in and it has a large lake called Muggelsee. It had a training centre on the north shore 25 years ago and that is where I met this gang.

We meet every few months and do different things, such a bicycle rides, depending on the weather. The January meeting is always in a restaurant and so after meeting them outside the Town Hall we walked around the corner to a Mexican restaurant. Yes, you read correctly! We like to try different things and the restaurant has a good reputation.  Here you can see the gang settling around the table.

I also include a photo of Uli. He is very active in supporting The Gang, by organising outings and events, including going to concerts to see his talented daughters playing in orchestras, and he regularly reads this blog! At the moment he has a hip problem but we all hope he will be fit soon so he can organise more meetings and events. Thanks for all your hard work, Uli !