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Sweet Spain

As I write, Jan and his extended family are on their various ways home after spending a happy Christmas and New Year in the north of Spain. Now here is the Spanish connection. I recently met Johanna and she had been given a selection of sweets made in Spain.

She asked me to give them to the children in The Family. I shall do just that when we next meet. Meanwhile I was curious to understand the words on the packets. Settle down for lesson 1 in Sweet Spain!

The first was easy. Sin gluten means without gluten. Calidad Suprema means highest quality. Turron means nougat and Cacahuete means peanut of groundnut. My favourite word in the package is Blando. This means soft or mushy or flabby. Great word! Con Almendras is with almonds and Azucares Anadidos means with added sugar. Now you can enroll in a Spanish class. Viel Spaß!

I’ve had a quiet last few days as we all settle into life after the New Year feasts and firework explosions. The weather is okay but in the south there have been heavy snowfalls and rail-road transport problems. I have a relatively restful week waiting for me so I have time to read more and do more grammar work. Have a relaxing week.