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January 2019 Things

I left 2018 with music in my head and entered 2019 with a glass of sekt in my hand as I watched fireworks from my balcony. I met my Kowalke-Gang at a local station and we travelled to the Gethsemanekirche. I had never been to the building before but was impressed by its architecture – and size. It’s big.

We settled into our seats to enjoy a concert called ‘Timeless’ given by the ‘Lautten Compagney’.  They are an established company of professional musicians, and have won lots of prizes and appeared in many countries. Between musical sections, an actress called Katharina Thalbach read out texts by Hans-M. Enzensberger providing links to musical themes.

Music was from Tarquinio Merula and Philip Glass. At first glance you will roll your eyes and ask what is timeless about them? Merula (1595-1665) was an Italian composer/organist/violist of the early Baroque era, mainly active in Cremona and stylistically part of the Venetian school. He is considered to be one of the most progressive Italian composers of the early 17th Century, especially by applying newly developed techniques to sacred music.

Philip Glass (b.1937) is an American composer of what is often described as ‘minimal music’. Glass says it is, “music with repetitive structures’. He has written lots of music covering all possible styles. Even so, he has his critics. The key problem when listening to his music is ‘repetitive’. I usually turn it off when it comes on my radio! And yet the musicians selected and played music from both of them that was timeless. Sometimes you were not sure which century of music you were listening to. Well done all for creating and performing such a programme.

From there we went to Martina’s flat for a delicious supper. A nice selection of food and drinks to end the evening and prepare for the new year. We missed Colin and Gerald but you can see from one photo that we raised a glass to toast their very good health for the new year.

Who has a birthday in January 2019? My wonderful Emma starts us off with her 2nd birthday on the 10th.  Hannelore D. near Nice will celebrate her 76th on the 13th with Peter. Harald P. in Berlin will be 54 on the 21st and Dr. Peter Sch. will be 35 on the 24th and celebrate in Potsdam. Paul B. over in New Zealand will be 34 on the 27th and celebrate with his family there. My great-niece Scarlett will be 11 years old on the 29th and celebrate with her family in West Yorkshire. Returning to Berlin we find Frau Fox celebrating her 78th on the 31st of the month.
Happy Birthday no matter where you are :-))