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Catching Up

Time to catch up with what has happened since my last post on Christmas Day. I had a really nice 25th and 26th. Very quiet two days with walks and cycling in my local park. Lots of families with small children and new toys, games and activities. I sometimes wondered if the parents were having more fun playing with the toys and being children again, than their own children!

On Thursday I went to meet The Family for lunch. Papa was waiting for me at the tram stop. A nice walk to the hotel/home where they have 2 rooms and access to a kitchen and washing machine. Mama had clearly taken a lot of trouble to cook what I can only describe as a ‘feast’. Such a range of food. I couldn’t eat it all – but The Boys did. No surprise there :-)) Letting the food settle was accompanied by interesting talks, exploring a number of languages, talking about future plans, lots of jokes and laughs.

The Boys left to meet friends and I went to an Aldi supermarket with Papa. I wanted to look at learning materials on offer. I ended up buying a book about learning German. I have now done 12 tests and was surprised at the mistakes I made. Back to my basic Grammar Book to brush up before I try more tests :-((

Tomorrow I am meeting two of my Ko-Gang ladies at Lichtenberg Railway station. Train to Bernau, which is a nice town north-west of Berlin, then a short walk to St. Marienkirche in the centre. Angelika is playing viola in Bach’s Weihnachtsoratorium Kantaten I-V. Looking forward to that!