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Modern Christmas

Only an hour to go before Christmas Day. I hope you have enjoyed/are enjoying your Christmas Eve. I spent the morning with my Kowalke Gang over a long breakfast. In the afternoon I visited friends for Kaffee und Kuchen and lots of interesting discussions.

This evening I settled down to watch TV. I skipped through many programmes and found only two which interested me. One was a Christmas concert of traditional songs and classical music. No surprise there. Suddenly my telephone rang.

It was sister Fran calling to wish me all the best. Very nice to talk to her. She will be enjoying tomorrow with her grandchildren like many other people.

I got this interesting Christmas postcard. It really makes me smile. I think it is a comment on modern living. Here I mean the switch from shopping on the high street to shopping online and taking delivery of parcels. In this postcard, Joseph is telling Mary that the 3 Kings are delivering presents via such companies. Merry Christmas and have a great day tomorrow!