Left bed

Cards ‘n Presents

It is now Christmas Day. I slept into the day. I always read a book when I go  to bed and that puts me to sleep quickly. I woke-up late, at 10.30 am which is not normal for me. It is very quiet here, so  that perhaps played a role. I can even hear my neighbour’s cat snoring!

One of the big pleasures of Christmas Day is to sit at my desk, after breakfast, and open my cards. This year I got 29. I love to read all the messages and news about the writer(s) and their family. As usual I got a full report from one of my nephews about his three children and what they all did in 2018. I always read such texts at least twice. Here you can see the cards.

I then opened presents. A bottle of GlenF., sekt, tea, Stollen-Cake, chocolates. I shall give the sweet things to ‘The Family’ children when I meet them on Thursday. I have been invited to have lunch with them. Looking forward to that.

Cooking anything is not easy for they live on the third floor of a ‘Refugee Hotel’ and the shared kitchen is on the ground floor. There is no lift so everything has to be carried up the steps.

My big wish for 2019 is that they find a flat. It is not easy now in Berlin. Investment funds are buying property, washing the windows and increasing the rents. Also a problem of land on which to built affordable flats. Have a happy rest of Christmas Day!
UPDATE: I recently heard this on BBC Radio 4: “Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas”! Enjoy your lunch 🙂