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Party Time

It’s time for a party – or three! My week started with a party on Monday afternoon. Lots of snacks and glasses of sekt = sparkling wine. It is traditional to drink ‘mulled wine’ at this time of year, but I don’t like it. There are lots of Christmas Markets in and around Berlin now. They offer a range of traditional food and drinks – the main one being mulled wine! You can also buy Christmas presents, decorations and toys.

On Tuesday I went to another party but this started at 12 noon. Even so, tasty snacks, chocolates and glasses of sekt! Here you can see that Gang in the photo top left. A very nice atmosphere with lots of smiles and laughs plus talking about Christmas plans. Mainly family visits and cooking traditional dishes.

I then went to another part of the district to join my SPD Oldies at a party. Here you can see a photo top right. It started at 3.00 pm with ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ and lots of talking. There were also speeches and guests. It ended with snacks and glasses of wine or beer.

On Wednesday I met Kerstin’s Keep-Fit Gang in the Fitness-Centre. It started at 12 noon and as usual they had prepared a wide range of hot and cold dishes. There was also a range of bottles of sekt! They talked about many things, but mainly about changes in Christmas celebrations since the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also talked about travel plans, family visits and the food they will eat over the festive season. Here you can see them in the photo bottom left.

 I left them to arrive at ‘Museum Knoblauchhaus’ at 4.00 pm. The building is in ‘Nikolaiviertel’, which is the oldest part of Berlin, and near to the Town Hall. I met a group who support the museum in the district where I live. We were taken on a guided tour of the Knoblauchhaus Museum. It carries the name of a family who lived there for over 170 years and carried out many changes of architectural interest. It is worth a visit the next time you come to Berlin.

Now to get ready for another party which starts later. Enjoy the parties you are going to, or hosting!