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Second Party

I went to my second Christmas Party on Wednesday evening. It was hosted by my local SPD and held at a bar-restaurant only two streets from where I live. Over 30 members turned out for the event and it was really nice to see so many smiles and laughs.

There was a tasty range of dishes set out as a buffet. My favourite was the tomato soup. Very tasty! Others went for a full plate direct from the kitchen, as you can see in one photo. We also had members of the ‘young’ section of the party. Pleased to be able to say that membership in this section is growing. We need more.

Unfortunately I had invitations to other meetings and events on that evening and at the same time. In the period before Christmas this happens to many people as meetings are squeezed into the first part of the month. Next morning I went to my local AWO for a late and lazy breakfast. This AWO plans to organise more meetings and events in the New Year. I shall certainly support that.

In a short time, Imre will be ringing my doorbell. He is flying to Manilla next Tuesday so he called to arrange a pre-Christmas meeting. He wants to go to a local ‘Bömische’ restaurant. I think he will like it. I wonder how the other guests will deal with his booming voice and loud laughter. Let’s see:-)

As you know each post I write has a section for comments. In my last post it was hi-jacked by someone using a woman’s name who wrote lots of things about medicines and links to other web-pages. This is not the first time this has happened but it was the worst.

 I decided to remove the use of ‘Comment’. You can still go there and write something but it will not be uploaded to the blog. Sorry about this but I consider your internet safety to be more important. What a pity that selfish people who do such things do not think of other people!