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Imre Visit

As I told you in my last post, Imre rang the doorbell just before. He had cycled here so needed a few minutes to ‘catch his breath’. He also told me about his Christmas and travel plans, plus problems with the gas heating system in his flat. The latter has been a problem for nearly two months now!

We put on warm clothes and set out for a restaurant. We went to the ‘Böhmischer Garten’ to discover it had been booked for a private party so we had to find another one. Imre was disappointed for he has heard about this restaurant but never eaten there. Another time for sure!

We went to another one to find it was closed. We went around the corner to the main road to find my favourite Italian restaurant open and happy to serve us. Nice meal and service as usual plus lots of talking from Imre. He had his ‘tablet’ with him so, between munching his food, he showed me photos etc of Manilla.

He also showed me a beginner book about how to learn the language spoken there. I am impressed that he should take such trouble. More chewing and talking then it was time to pay the bill. We did some shopping, including cakes and ate them at home later with fresh coffee. Nice! It is always interesting to see him. Have a Merry Christmas in Manilla, Imre!