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First Party

I went to my first Christmas Party last Wednesday afternoon. It was at the AWO building where I sometimes help people with English problems. The AWO Management invited active members and group leaders to a mixture of ‘Thank You’ and ‘Christmas Party’. Of course the dancing group were present as they showed off their skills. See the photos.

The food on offer was really good ranging from dishes from various countries to traditional German cakes with the afternoon coffee! Actually, there was fruit juice, water, wine, beer and sekt on offer. I met some old friends and really enjoyed the afternoon.

On Wednesday evening I was on-line to participate in a Labour International meeting. The main topic was Brexit news and changes. A lot of worries about where it is going and impact. On Thursday I went to the building where I have my Photoshop meetings. It was to have lunch together and enjoy goose breast with spinach, red cabbage and potato. Very tasty and some nice discussions as we chewed our way through the meal.

I got a call from Holger in Bremen yesterday. He and Gabi had packed a box full of clothes-shoes for the daughter of The Family. It arrived this afternoon. Very generous of them. I contacted Papa to let him know and call me to arrange a pick up time. The daughter loves opening such a box and seeing the contents. Looking forward to seeing her happy smiles:-))  Busy weekend coming up including a concert at the Philharmonie on Sunday evening. More of that later. Have a nice weekend!