Left bed

A Solution

The Bros came to visit yesterday afternoon. I asked them what their parents and sister would be doing while they were with me. They smiled and said, “Just relaxing or sleeping”! They immediately went into the bedroom to see the changes. I told them I wanted to make part of it into a work area and needed their help.

They carried the table into the room and then we went into the cellar where another part was. They put the pieces together and then moved the iMac onto the table. The problem was the long internet cable, but they taped that to walls and furniture to make sure no-one would fall over it. They then added the MacBook to the table and connected that.

They noted there was only one stool under the table. They found the solution immediately as you can see in the photo. Yes, Bro2 climbed onto the shoulders of Bro1, who sat on the stool, and off they went. I told them that when the family found a flat they would get the computers. Meanwhile, they will use this area and machines when they visit and need to go onto the internet. They smiled!

Then I heard the words. “Opa, I’m hungry”: No surprise there. I prepared some food including pizzas and they settled down to a James Bond film. Sometimes I had to explain dialogue but they could follow most of the story by the action. Sad to see them leave, but I still smile when I think of their solution!