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December 2018 Things

My December started well yesterday. The high point was going to a concert at the Philharmonie with Johanna for an evening of Russian music given by the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin. The concert hall is well known for its acoustic and we sat just behind the brass and drum sections so that added a special tone. The concert was sold out and most of the audience were ‘Oldies’ :-))

The programme was as follows. Perhaps you know the music, if not treat yourself to a good listen!
We started with Borodin’s Polowetzer Dances from his opera Prince Igor. This was followed by Tschaikowsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 b-Moll op.23. You really have to see this played. Our player was a lady called Yukako Morikawa who played brilliantly. The whole of her body and mind moved through her fingers. Amazing interpretation. After the break we ended with Mussorgsky’s Pictures from/at an Exhibition with orchestration by Ravel.

I went to bed late with the sounds still echoing in my head and woke late this morning. I have done my homework, ironed my clothes and prepared a few things for later in the week. In a few hours ‘The Bros’ will be arriving for an evening of DVDs and pizza! Looking at my calendar for December I note many of the usual things plus Christmas parties, meals, meetings. I am sure your diary looks the same for its that time of year.

Oh, look! A piglet has just escaped from a pan. Hurrah – at least it will not be roasted. Have a look at the vegetable counter the next time you go shopping. A lot of alternatives to Little Piggy!

Who has a birthday in December? Michael N. in Marzahn starts us off with his 54th on the 5th, Stefan Block, who leads our Photoshop Gang, will be all of 58 on the 7th, Julie Bolton will be 44 on the 20th and celebrate with family not too far from Silsden :-)) Jonas in Bremen hits 22 on the 22nd = a nice combination of figures. Back in Berlin, Bro2 will be 18 on the 24th = what a Christmas present that must have been! Neil Dickinson near Brighton will be 72 on the 28th and shares the day with Stefan ‘Schoni’ near Dresden who will be 35 on that day. As usual a very special friend called Ian Maxwell will share his 59th with Birgit at home in Sydney in Oz. Thanks Ian for your generosity towards the family.  Have a wonderful day no matter where you are and no matter how old:-)