Left bed


Headboard means,” an upright board at the top end of a bed” and is a single countable noun. Screwdriver is also a single countable noun. It is not 2 words. See comment on my last post and the Oxford or Macmillan Dictionary if you wish.

I started with a cold yesterday and it got worse as I crawled into bed last night. I woke three times due to coughing and the need to clear my throat and nose. I finally managed to hit the land of nod and woke at 7.30 as my alarm went off. I got ready and waited for the delivery of the new bed.

At 9.30 the bell rang and a workman began to bring in parts of the single bed. He worked very efficiently and I noted he had clearly done all this before! He then opened the box containing the headboard and said, “Oh, no”! He pulled it out and I could then see it was broken!

He completed building the bed and rang his company. They said they would send a new one in 10 days. I think I can sleep in the bed without its headboard for that time. Sleep well tonight. Now where did I put my tissues and nose spray? Cough, cough!!