Left bed

Bed Time

I spent most of the morning with a bed = das Bett. The day began with a visit to my dentist’s, the local bakery and some shopping. Back home I vacuumed, then put my equipment box into the bedroom. I am taking delivery of a new bed tomorrow morning so had to dismantle the old one.

The old bed is a double and was given to me a few years ago when a friend moved to Prague. I decided I wanted to reduce the dominance of a double bed in my room. The new one is a single. I removed a mattress and a support board to get to the basic structure. To begin with I had to unscrew 8 screws which was not easy. Rusted to the metal. With my big screwdriver and other equipment I finally removed them.

Next was to remove the headboard from the rest of the wooden structure. Not an easy task but with a bit of pushing and muscle I succeeded. Here you can see all parts of the old bed resting on the walls. Next I made up a bed for tonight. It is a wooden support with a mattress on top.  Here you can see where I shall later be resting my head as I enter the land of nod. Sleep well :-))