Left bed

Even more rubbish

All going well so far this week. We are now wearing winter clothes, boots and hats/caps as we adjust to low temperatures after a long summer of high temperatures. I need some new boots but I have enough winter coats and jackets. I’m listening to the news on my radio and it is all about the latest events in Brexit. It dominates the UK news at the moment.

I also recorded more spoken rubbish as I moved into warm clothes. Here are the latest sayings via BBC Radio 4. I am still surprised that a lot of the rubbish is spoken by politicians and business people. Settle down and try to understand what someone was trying to say.

A window of time / a sealed situation / impact on their matrimonial status / even horizon / That is a concerned piece of information to hear / we have rectified the conditions / within the football family / democracy is not fit for purpose / we have outsourced legal thinking / for too long fashion has marked its own homework / we need to heal this country / it might have been he.

That’s enough rubbish for the moment. Relax and smile.