Left bed

Settling In

We are settling into Autumn here in Berlin. See the photo of the big tree in my back garden. Most leaves have fallen and you can see they have covered the picnic place and ground. Still not enough rain but temperatures now just above freezing. Nice to get information from friends in Australia and see photos of them emerging into summer.

Last week was full of the usual plus I went shopping in Alexander Platz with Johanna. Very nice time and I bought a new pair of glasses and a single bed. I have decided to make some changes to my bedroom and create more space. I have to wait for the glasses to be made and for the bed warehouse to organise delivery. I told you in an earlier post that I had an accident and broke the glass in my glasses.

I have been learning about “Saurer Regen”. It means acid rain. I can hear you asking, ‘Why?’ The answer is, ‘Bro2’. I got a call asking for help with his chemistry homework. He has another week to complete the task. I cheated by going onto Wikepedia and reading about the subject. Bro2 sat in the kitchen with my laptop and started the task of writing. He has to prepare an essay, do a Mindmap, list the sources and include details of the damage it does to the environment. He plans to return on Thursday after school to complete the task and print it out for the teacher. The things I learn from the Boyz!

Big Bro visited yesterday as well. His parents have bought some weights for the boys to build more muscle and help them with sport. Here is a photo of him pumping up the muscles in his arms and chest. Now to get ready for the rest of the day. Looking forward to meeting an old friend and his wife next weekend. More about that later.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to watch football on TV this evening. The German team is playing against The Netherlands. Poor Jan won’t know which one to cheer for :-))