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November 2018 Things

November started here with some sunshine, blue sky with clouds and 14°C. Not a bad start but I notice people have switched into Autumn or Winter clothes. I wore a scarf last week for the first time since last Winter.

I had a good October some of which I shared with you via posts on this blog. A few things worried me and that was mainly to do with bad weather. For example: Worrying about Shirley and family in Florida under threat from Hurricane Michael. Fortunately they are all well and did not suffer the full force of the hurricane.

Looking  at my diary for November I see all the usual weekly appointments and meetings. I have another 2 meetings for treatment to my back/upper spine and a dental check up. My Photoshop meetings start tomorrow after a very long break. I wonder how much I have forgotten? Analogue connections for radio/TV will end in a couple of weeks. I am going to a meeting this evening to learn more about it, although I have a digital connection.

Who has a birthday in November? Daniel starts the month with his 22nd tomorrow. He is busy with university registration and funding at the moment but I am sure he will find time to celebrate. Jeff in Amsterdam will be 63 on the 19th. We met many years ago at uni. Sarah in London will be 58 on the 22nd. My old flatmate Stephen S. will be all of 61 on the 29th. I’m sure he’ll call me the next time he is in Berlin so we can meet and enjoy a glass or two! Have a great day no matter where you are :-))

There are a few more things of note this month. On Saturday 3rd it will be the first anniversary of Hermann’s funeral. I still miss not going to his place each Sunday for lunch and a slow walk. On the 9th, Alan and Lynne will take a plane to return to the UK after seeing family in NZ and Ozland. Have a safe journey. On Saturday 24th I’m meeting Jeff and his wife to show them a few local sights and enjoy lunch together. Looking forward to that!