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I live opposite a new(ish) block of flats also owned by the housing association. There is a section designed for meetings, discussions and parties. Here is a view from the back of the meeting room into the back of the new complex. I went there last Friday to enjoy ‘grillen’ at a Grill Party.

Grillen is as much a part of German culture as beer and  ‘die Bratwurst’ = grilled sausage. This is traditionally eaten with a bread roll and mustard = Senf. I like my Bratwurst well grilled. Here you can see our Hausmeister = caretaker, getting the Wurst nice and brown.

I met a number of neighbours and chatted with them as I chewed away on my Wurst. There was a range of soft drinks available but most people drank hot ‘Glühwein’ = mulled wine. This is also a traditional  drink, particularly over the Christmas period. If you get the chance, try it!