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Spoken Rubbish

Time to cringe again. Here are a few examples taken from BBC Radio 4 news reports. Relax, sip something nice as you read the rubbish and maybe it will make you smile 🙂

People can’t cook food for their table/ a number of hugely positive things/  we need a something in place/ to grow an economy/ to grow a brand/

 a backstory/ a net positive for people/ people can be disappeared/ since I done it/ when you originated this plan/ 

we are enforcing against that/ there is properly public interest/ joined up government thinking/ he is never actually engaging on this issue/ the rocket suffered an issue with a booster/

 a daily drift feed/ his injuries were un-survivable/ you’ve got to grow the pie first/ I think we’ll know an answer/ I’m not gonna blame fault/ it’s a deeply important step.