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Happy Family

Monday was a bonus day for me. I had to rush to Alexander Platz for an appointment in the morning, then the S-Bahn to Savignyplatz, which is in the centre-west of the city. I arrived on time to see someone pushing a pram towards me. It was Jan with Emma!!

He had called the day before to say the family were in Berlin and could we meet on Monday. I said, “Yes” immediately. As they came closer I noticed a beautiful little girl with wavy blonde hair sitting in the pram and smiling at me. I just `melted`. Emma is growing up quickly but I did not try to pick her up then. We had to get to know each other again so I made funny faces and made her smile. Then all was okay.

I was allowed to push the pram around the area until we found a restaurant with seats outside. I noticed people looking at me, then at the baby, and I was sure I could see them thinking,`Is he really the father?`I just smiled and kept pushing the pram. A really proud `Opa`. We had lunch and played with Emma and her doll named after her. See the photo.

Here is a photo of the proud parents. What a great couple they are. We had time to chat before
I had to head for another S-Bahn and my regular appointment on a Monday afternoon. I had a wonderful feeling as I said goodbye to all and particularly to my beautiful little Emma!