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Erkner again

I’ve had a very interesting and enjoyable day with Imre and our bicycles. I arrived at S-Bahn Schönewiede as planned. Imre was waiting for me. We bought tickets for the bikes and jumped into an S-Bahn heading south. Then we heard an announcement that due to repair work there would be no service after 2.00 pm. Imre swore as I looked at him and told him to get out.

We did just that and returned to where we had started. I then said I had a plan and took over the journey. We cycle to Wühleheide Park which is not too far from where I live. We ended up near the children’s play area. It was full of young families and great to see so many happy faces. We decided to join the kids in a queue for chips with ketchup. Very tasty.

We then picked up the S-Bahn to Erkner. As you know, it is one of my favourite areas east of Berlin and I spent the day there yesterday – see last post. I remembered cycling through the town to a river system leading to a lake, but that was many years ago. Even so, as I cycled and followed my instinct it was clear I was in the right direction. Lots of cycling through woods turning golden brown until we reached our destination.

We arrived at a village called Woltersdorf and stopped at the lakeside. There were many people there enjoying the sunny warm weather. Again lots of young families and children in queues for ice cream! I went to a restaurant overlooking the lake where I had been to before. I enjoyed a plate of local fish washed down with a cool German dry white wine. Delicious!

It was then time to return. We took another route back to Erkner then the S-Bahn back to my station. Farewell to Imre, cycled home and looked at the photos I had taken today. Here are some of Lord Imre and his big smile :-))