Left bed

A Cherub

Do you know what this word means in English? Yes, so what is it in German? Ahhhhh…ahhhh. It means die Putte. I met my Kowalke Gang yesterday to have a long lazy breakfast at Putte’s new flat. Some posts ago I told you about having such a meal at her house in Mahlsdorf in the east of Berlin.

She sold it and moved into a new flat also in Mahlsdorf. I like it and would be very happy to live there. When we arrived she was dozing in the sun in the front garden. The table was full of delicious things to eat and so we caught up on news as we enjoyed the meal. Putte is on  the right of the photo.

I was told that her mother gave her the nickname ‘Putte’ when she was a very small girl. Family and friends have used it ever since. At the end of the meal we raised a glass to toast Colin and Gerald, who for different reasons could not be with us. Pity for they would have enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

The main events in Germany took place last Wednesday. It was a public holiday to celebrate German (re-)Unification. I think every village, town and city was full of people celebrating in different ways. There were a lot in Berlin including a range of sporting events. I had a lazy day with a bicycle trip through my local park and watching kids/families enjoying the day. I also went to all my usual meetings plus a few more.

This month our block of flats will get a new coat of paint. The workmen have already covered the front with scaffolding and will complete the rest tomorrow. I/we have cleared my/our balcony/ies so they can be painted. The work should be completed by the end of this month.

Here you can see what the front looks like. My place is on the second floor to the left of the photo. Slightly right of that you can see a small window. That is my bathroom. Half of the flats were painted last month so now it is our turn.

Next week I have my usual meetings plus the first of 6 physio sessions. I had them before. A specialist suggested I had more. The problem is my spine and collapse of some discs. When I ask why the docs tell me it is because I am no longer 21. They always smile when they say that!