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Cycle South

Yesterday I met Imre for a bicycle tour. Earlier I had an appointment with a doctor specializing in spine and collar bone problems. It was my second appointment. I arrived at 10.00 am and waited, and waited! The place was full of ‘Oldies’ many of whom were bent over and/or could hardly walk. At 11.10 am I decided to forget it and put my coat on.

I had agreed to meet Imre at 11.30 am at a local station to take the S-Bahn south to our destination. As I walked to the door the doctor’s assistant called my name. My meeting with the Doc took about 5 minutes. She looked at my X-Rays and explained what the pictures meant. I got a prescription to have 6 meetings with another practice for stretching and bending sessions.

I left for home to pick up my bicycle. I called Imre and explained what had happened. He said he would wait. One hour later than agreed, I arrived at the station and we got into an S-Bahn. I took this photo of Imre with bicycle number 3. He said he had not brought any of his 3 cameras. He seems to have 3 of many things! I told him I had my camera and that was enough.

We headed south to a town called Zeuthen. A very nice area of rivers, lakes, woods and a mixture of houses and villas on the waterfront. As I looked at the large private villas with gardens and berths for boats, I wondered what one would cost and who actually lived in the properties. I think we are talking at least a few million for such a property.

The weather was pleasant with late summer sun so Imre decided we should start the tour with a stop at a local bakery where we ate fruit cake and sipped coffee. We then started a tour of the area with lots of stops to enjoy the scenes. At one stop we got into an interesting conversation with a lady who told us what it was like to live in that area in the period of the DDR. I wondered if she lived in one of the villas but did not ask her!

On and on we cycled until we came to our return S-Bahn station. Opposite was a bar with a large garden so we relaxed there and I enjoyed a very cool local beer. Imre does not drink alcohol so he always enjoys fruit drinks. A nice way to end the cycle tour and slowly head home.