Left bed

Mr. Curtains

As mentioned in my last post, Daniel arrived yesterday afternoon. He immediately placed a drill  onto the table. I opened my toolbox for the screwdrivers and other things he needed. ‘Mr. Curtains’ then dismantled my damaged curtain rod and started work.

He measured the old and new rods and decided to put the new one into the old drill holes. But, he had to drill them deeper and wider for the new screws were larger. Lots of work with different screwdrivers and finally we were able to put the curtains onto the new rod and then place it above the doors leading to the balcony. Well done Mr Curtains and thanks!

It was then time for a cup of tea and to relax. Later I went through some of his English homework and noted that he had almost all exercises correct. I think he could do the FCE exam now, but he wants to settle into life at university, which starts next week, and do the exam early next year.

I had a ‘normal’ week and enjoyed the late summer. This came to an end yesterday evening with high winds, dark clouds and gusts of wind. The forecast for tomorrow is cool and rain and for the rest of the week. At least the trees, plants and flowers will be happy about that.

 I had planned to go on a bicycle tour tomorrow to the south of Berlin with Imre. We have just spoken to each other and cancelled. We shall meet next Wednesday for lunch in Alexandra Platz. Hope the sun will have returned by then.