Left bed


Rather late with this post. Since the last one I have returned to most of my routines and meetings. For example: Monday and Tuesday last week saw the start of new English lessons at the AWO. I didn’t have to say much for the members just talked, and talked about their summer and all the interesting things they had done and places they had been too. Very nice to listen to them,

I also met Daniel on his return from seeing family in Moldova and a ‘special lady’!. He looked very healthy and happy. We talked about a study plan and sources to get him through the Cambridge First Certificate examination. On Wednesday I did some necessary paperwork then had a visit from the ex-sailor who taught me to steer his boat many years ago. It was nice to see him again and catch up on news of his extensive family. Now he talks more about his great-grandchildren rather than his grandchildren!

That evening I joined a Labour Party International meeting online using a programme called Zoom. Perhaps some of you know this. Thursday evening I relaxed in front of my TV to watch the Germany – Peru football match. The German team won 2:1 and it was a very good match. On Friday I went to Kerstin’s Oldie Keep-Fit Gang and enjoyed that. I spent most of the weekend on my bicycle or on public transport visiting different place outside Berlin.

You know that I bought a new computer recently. I have been having problems with the stereo system so I took the computer back to the shop yesterday and they checked it with three different systems. All worked OK. Seems the problem is my stereo system which I shall have to replace. This evening I have my local SPD meetings and tomorrow afternoon I shall meet Daniel to look at what he has done in the last week.

What has this to do with scaffolding? Two days ago a group of men started to erect scaffolding on the flats making up the block where I live. When complete the painters will arrive and by the end of October we shall all emerge with new gleaming colours on the walls. We have to clear our balconies which from the photo you can see I have done. Now it is only a question of time before the scaffolding arrives on my walls!