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September 2018 Things

Ooops but I made a mistake a month ago and didn’t notice. I forgot to post about August 2018 Things! Liebe Andrea sent me an e-mail recently saying I had forgotten and that she missed all the information about who had a birthday or event, during that month. And so I begin this month on time with the correct starter post.

Yesterday I met the Kowalke Gang for a very pleasant evening. We had three extra members, two of whom are visiting from Australia. We went to our district hospital which is situated in a very large park. It is also one of Berlin’s oldest hospitals.  I am an ex-patient.

We met at the large fountain in front of the main office building. We were led by a musician who directed us to 10 sites to see dance and dramas with more music. It was based on the musical concept called ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ by Modest Mussorgsky. The event took place in some of the park areas and in old buildings, such as the museum.

The second stop was at the war memorial where the dialogue was about War and Peace. We then went into the chapel to see scenes from Faust with additional organ music. In an area called the Labyrinth we watched a dance performance. There were 10 such stops in all with a 20 minute break for refreshments in the middle. A very interesting evening made special by bringing us all together.

This afternoon I am going to an area called the Rummelsburger Bucht for a water festival. It is a harbour area on the River Spree, which as you know flows through Berlin. There will be boat races, swimming competitions and lots of places for snacks and something to wet your throat! There are also information booths including one from the SPD and our local museum. I was asked to help on both so that is my duty for the day.

Who has a birthday or special day in September? Lynne in Cas starts us off with her 71st birthday today. Sure she’ll have a happy day with Alan. Three people share the 6th. Charlotte will be 27 in London, Nevand hits all of 14 in Berlin and Arancha will celebrate her 34th in The Netherlands with Jan and Emma. Jan’s sister Andrea will be 33 on the 8th and will celebrate with Marco. David K. who is an active local member of the Young SPD will be 18 on the 12th. In a recent conversation he admitted he did not have tie. We agreed to meet for me to buy him one. My nephew Stephen in Cambridge will be 48 on the 22nd and Robert G, will be 40 and celebrate with his family in Berlin. Sylvana celebrates her 58th with Mathias and family in Berlin on the 25th. Stepen’s father is called Lew and will celebrate his big day with my sister Pauline in Cambridge on the 27th. An old friend called Sylke will be 48 on the 28th and celebrate with her family here in Berlin, My nephew Jefferson hits 45 on the 29th and will be sure to celebrate with his family. And so his big day ends the list of those with birthdays to celebrate with family and friends. Happy Birthday to all and each and have a great day no matter where you are!

There are three memorials. Birgit’s funeral took place 14 years ago on the 15th. I can’t believe it was so long ago. Her birthday is on the 30th September. She shares this day with my father who died on that day in 2004.  On the 16th my cousin Jean died and how she has been missed over the years.