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Shopping for Sister

You read in recent posts that I met The Bros and went shopping with them. The school holidays in Berlin ended last week so there were lots of shopping and offers for children returning to school. There was also a lot of offers for new school children. The Boys got all the writing material they needed plus sports clothes.

Yesterday it was Sister’s turn. I met her and Mama at a shopping centre near to Köpenick S-Bahn station. This is two stops down the line from where I live. Bro2 joined us later.

Sis and Mama had earlier been looking at offers in the shopping centre so they knew where to go for sports shoes for Sis. She needed two pairs for different activities at school and we eventually found them.

She immediately started to dance around with pleasure as you can see in a photo. After paying for the shoes we went into a larger centre across the road. There we were looking for sports-gym clothes.

Sis and Mama had a good look around as Bro2 told me his news and about events at school. Sis found some clothes for the gym as you can see in another photo.

We then went to a cafe selling lots of varieties of ice cream. I took them there some time ago and they really like to watch other shoppers as they ‘slurp’ their ice cream. I took a photo of Sis with Mama which I really like. I also like the shot of Sis resting her cheek on Bro2’s hand. Nice natural shots.

I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we were together and was sad to say goodbye. I asked them what they would do when they returned home and all said, “Do my homework”.  Not as nice as shopping together but that is an important part of their lives in Berlin and the good news is that all are making progress. Big thanks to Ian and Birgit for making it all possible!