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Old and New

This morning I opened two boxes and looked at the contents. One contained a small(ish) computer and the other a large screen. I found two pages on how to install the thing and they contained small diagrams. No words.

I scratched my head and looked again at the diagrams. I did not understand the symbols. Why no words? I tried again and gave up. I then went across the road in the afternoon to our housing association meeting room. Each Monday afternoon Thorsten is there.

He works for the association in the technology department and is a computer expert. He shares his knowledge with association members by helping them with laptop, netbook and smartphone problems.

I told him about my problem and he said he would come over later. He did just that and we started with a cuppa green tea – which he likes. Then to the computer and screen. I watched and listened as he sorted everything out. Thorsten has the advantage of being able to explain what and why he is doing things. Another learning experience for me. I now have a week to learn how to use the computer before we install new programmes and I start learning again.