Left bed


A few days ago I took two watches to my local jeweller. I had to replace the leather straps. As you know it has been very hot here and so we all sweat more. This goes for my wrist as well. Wet and soggy straps were replaced.

I saw metal watches on offer in a supermarket and bought one. No problem about sweating and having to replace the strap. It has more functions than I thought and that is why it is heavier than I thought! I can turn the top so I can time myself when jogging and it has other functions. The problem is that I don’t need them. Even so its okay for a hot sunny and sweaty day!

I think I have told you before that my iMac celebrated its 11th birthday a short time ago. Many functions no longer work and friends said it was time to let it go to sleep. I looked for a replacement and decided to buy one last Friday. I have gone for an Acer with a large screen and Microsoft operating system. I shall put all the pieces together tomorrow afternoon. Here is a photo of the old between the new.