Left bed

Hot Dog

I bet you cannot look at the photo of The Hot Dog without laughing or at least smiling! Every time I look at it my lower face breaks into a smile. I got the photo from friends in Ozland. Many thanks to them.

 I wonder how the dog owner came up with this idea including using sunglasses. At the moment it is only 29°C with the forecast for the next few days to be in the early 30s. Where did I put my sunglasses for I don’t have a swimming pool in the garden?

Just after I picked up the  ‘Cool Dog’ image, I got a call from Papa. Mama had gone off with the kids to do the weekend shopping so Papa decided to visit. He was appropriately dressed for the weather and temperature. It was nice to see him again and we soon caught up on what has been happening in our lives since out last meeting.

He and his wife are finishing a German and Integration course at a local college. The Employment Office supports this course and they were asked to register for a new one starting in September. It is designed to take them to B1 level, which means intermediate level communication.

The husband of a friend works in a computer company and they are looking for new staff. Papa has sent his CV to them and we are waiting for an answer. So, from September he will either be in a new job or starting a new course.