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Brunch Party

The American English word ‘brunch’ has been incorporated into German. I went to a very special Birthday Brunch Party last Sunday. It was to celebrate Martina’s 7+ birthday. She is a member of my Kowalke Gang and you can see most of them sitting around the Brunch table.

It was nice to meet all again and listening to news, events, visits, concerts they had all recently been to. Colin was there and you can see him in the photo. He has been very busy visiting family and friends in many parts of Germany and his German has really improved now.

I bought 7 red roses for Martina and took a photo of her holding the bunch. I like this shot for she looks much younger. When I sent it to her I said it was evidence that she looked like 49. She replied that it was nice of me to say that and if only it were true! She leads a very active life so that may help to keep her so young. A really wonderful time and start to a new week.