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More School Things

I met The Boys yesterday afternoon to buy more things they need for school starting next Monday. This time it was things they needed for sport. They asked to meet at the World Clock in Alexander Platz at 4.00 pm. It must be the No.1 meeting place in Berlin!

On my way there I got a call. Bro1 said they would be 30 minutes late due to construction work on a S-Bahn line. When we later met, Bro2 told me the truth.

 Late due to Bro1 spending all night playing computer games and sleeping all day and waking late yesterday. I think it is all about being a certain age and being on holiday!

I took some photos of them at the World Clock. I can’t remember taking shots of them there before. And so off to the shop near to Berlin Town Hall in Alexander Platz. We bought sport things there before for they offer a wide range and at various prices.

Top of the shopping list were sports tops and bottoms. They tried on a range and noted they had to buy L and not M size. No surprise for they are clearly growing bigger, even if they are not aware of it. Then to sports shoes and socks for the gym. Again they ended up buying larger sizes than earlier. Finally we bought 1 litre refillable plastic drinking containers for water/juice when they are training.

So the shopping session came to an end with fruit drinks at a nearby cafe and goodbyes. All this made possible by a generous gift for I&B in a distant land. The Boys asked me to give both of you a BIG thanks :-))