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I went on a short trip to Usbekistan yesterday afternoon. I was at the senior community centre where my Friday afternoon course on Photoshop takes place and led by Stefan. There was an opening ceremony with speeches by Stefan, the photographer and a few guests. The event was well attended by local seniors. Nice to see them wandering around the photographs with either a glass of orange juice or sekt in their hands.

We then moved into the main room for Kaffee und Kuchen. How could there be such an event without that? After munching through a variety of fruit cakes and getting a sekt refill we settled down to listen to stories about visits to Usbekistan. The main presenters were Stefan and his mother. They recounted their visits over many years during the time of the DDR. The title of the exhibition and the speeches were, ‘Usbekistan – Land an der Seidenstraße’ which I translate as ‘Country on the Silk Road’.

I really enjoyed the event and it is open until the end of October. From there I went to my hairdressers around the corner and got another ‘short summer’ cut. I noticed that my hairline is clearly receding. Oh well, my father was bald by the time he was 27, so it could have been worse for me!