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Listen and Read

Two nice things happened yesterday. When I got home I found a message that a packet had been left with a neighbour. I got it from a nice lady and opened it at home. It was a book sent by Ian. I think you know by now that he lives in Australia.

He added that I could work out if I was a Somewhere or an Anywhere with a bottle of sauvignon blanc. Perfect comment and I had to find out what the two words meant. I found the answer in the first few pages of the book. The author had created them, perhaps to increase book sales, and explained what he meant at the start of the book.

I read the first chapter this morning as I allowed myself an hour in the sun on the balcony. It is still hot and sunny here. I realized that I had elements of both ‘socio-economic-political-cultural’ definitions. I shall enjoy reading the rest of the book as the hot summer progresses. Thanks Ian!

The other nice thing was that a friend, with more knowledge than I have about computers and connections, came round in the evening to set up my new WLAN Radio. I still wonder how such people can look at equipment and within minutes start to get things working or make connections. Within 10 minutes he had the radio working and we put 12 radio stations into my ‘Favourites’ folder.

We decided to celebrate with a very cool G&T. Nice! We were then joined by Colin who had come to pick up his hat. He joined us for another G&T. There were interesting conversations about travel in Australia and places to see. I learnt something new from listening to both of them. Guess what I am listening to at the moment? Yes, you are right – BBC Radio 4 News direct from London!