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Summer Supper

Last night some of my Kowalke Gang arrived for a lazy supper under the big tree in my garden. Colin came along for he is visiting family and friends, not only in Berlin, at the moment.

Like most of western Europe we are having very hot weather. Yesterday was 32°C in the garden and even today it managed 30°C but it is forecast to get cooler and perhaps rain in the next few days.

I decided to dress appropriately for the weather and event. I found some clothes I have not worn for 31 years and selected a blue top and white ‘pyjamahose’, Very comfortable and just right for relaxing in the evening heat. My guests arrived and all said positive things about my choice of clothes.

We dined on salad, fruit, wurst and pieces of meat and cheese. The main drinks were sekt and white wine. I should have drunk more water for I later noticed I could feel the effects of alcohol. Lots of interesting discussions in the relaxed happy atmosphere. I think we should do it again and soon!