Left bed


I had visitors yesterday. The Bros arrived with Sis. They came with lists of things they have to buy for the start of the next school term. They have just started the summer holiday so we have time to look around and find the best buy.

They need school books, pens, pencils, things for maths lessons such as a ruler and different things for sports and the gym. We talked about finance for all the things they need. They looked at the floor and shuffled their feet. I told them we would find a solution to the problem.

Over juice and cakes they relaxed and talked about their daily life. They were clearly not happy. I asked them about holiday plans. They didn’t have any. I showed them a large map of Land Brandenburg and all the places they could go. The main problem is money.

 It was agreed that the boys would meet me next Wednesday and if the weather was nice then we would take a local train to the river on the Polish border. That made them smile! As you can see from the photo they are growing up and sis is putting on a bit of weight 🙂