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Two Eyes

I had a nice afternoon yesterday with two ‘i’s’ = wordplay! Yes, I met Ian and Imre. Both names begin with ‘I’ pronounced as ‘eye’ 🙂

We met in Alexander Platz, which anyone who has been to Berlin will have visited. A tourist ‘must-visit’. In one section there is ‘The World Clock’. Thousands of people use it as a meeting place and have done so for years. I met the 2-Eyes there yesterday.

A short walk to my favourite restaurant-canteen and a long lazy lunch with lots of conversation covering many topics. It is always interesting to listen to Ian’s analysis and comments. Imre adds humerous comments to most themes. A really enjoyable lazy lunch session.

We are having very hot sunny weather at the moment so after lunch I suggested we wander round the corner to sit under sunshades and relax. I sipped a very cold beer and listened to more interesting comments as my 2-Eyes sipped coffee.

Then we went our separate ways. Ian is now in a plane flying to Rome and then with friends he will drive to a villa for a two week holiday. Imre and I plan to meet on Sunday for a bicycle ride.