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July 2018 Things

We’ve just entered a new month and seen half a year slip away! I spent the day with friends which ended with a glass of sekt and watching the Russia-vs-Spain football match. I really enjoyed it. Now home and catching up on things.

Yesterday morning I went to my local hospital to visit Bro2. This is the second time this year he has been taken there with stomach pains. It was great to see him again but not in a hospital bed. His father came later. It seems that Bro2 has an infection in his lower intestine. Tomorrow he will have an operation to remove the source of the infection. I hope the doctors are successful!

I’m having ‘machine’ problems at the moment. They all come together. My printer recently ‘passed away’ and I bought a new one. All I have to do is set the thing up with my computers. Now my internet-WLAN Medion Radio is ‘on the blink’ (kaputt sein!) It is very strange not to just press a button and listen to Radio 3 from London! I’m having it checked by a specialist tomorrow afternoon.

Looking at my diary I note I have less appointments in July. I also have to decide if I go to the UK in August and when. I have not accepted an offer to stay in a large house/chalet in the centre of Italy in July. Problems of travel and cost rule it out. I am really enjoying the World Football games from Russia. Well organised and presented so I shall enjoy the rest of the games this month.  On the right you can see a couple of photos taken at the AWO summer party. Very nice!

Who has a birthday or special day in July 2018? Laura B. near to Silsden starts the month with her 21st birthday on 1st = today! My wonderful Jutta M. has her 70th tomorrow and I start the day by going to her breakfast birthday party. On the 3rd, Jan and Arancha will celebrate their wedding 3 years ago. What a weekend that was = Spanish hospitality with no limits! On the 6th, my Acer laptop will celebrate its 7th birthday! On the 8th, Krystle O’D will celebrate her 33rd with Andrew in a village near to Silsden. The 17th is a special day for it is Gerald’s 77th birthday and his and Jutta’s wedding anniversary. Two good reasons to celebrate! On the 21st, Colin will fly in from Australia to enjoy some weeks in the Berlin area. The Kowalke Gang is looking forward to seeing him again. On the 24th I shall celebrate getting my German citizenship and that ends the month of special days.
Have a wonderful day no matter where you are or what you are celebrating:-))