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Debussy Evening

Last Friday began with Oldie Training – as usual. I then took the U – S Bahn to Kleispark, which is in the centre-west if the city. Ian is staying with friends there and we met outside the station. He bought me lunch in a popular local Italian restaurant. Nice food and interesting conversation.

I then returned to my area to meet a couple for coffee. Rushed home, quick wash then off again. This time to the Philharmonie for an evening of homage to Debussy. I met my Kowalke Gang at the entrance plus Uli and Petra from my Muggelsee Gang. Their daughter, Amina, was playing in the orchestra so we all wanted to support her in addition to enjoying the music.

Claude Debussy 1862 – 1918 was born in Paris and studied music at the Conservatoire Paris from the age of 10. He studied piano before moving into the interesting area of ‘innovative composition’. He is seen as the first ‘impressionist’ composer, but this was a term he vigorously rejected. His music was considered a reaction against Wagner and the German musical tradition.

We all enjoyed the music particularly a piece centered on the harp. Very interesting, well played and new for me. We ‘shuffled’ out of the concert hall and into the station for the trains home. There I could still hear the music in my head and it took me some time to doze off.