Left bed

Party Time

On Monday I went to the AWO as normal to meet my Monday Gang. They were in a very cheerful mood for it was our last meeting. There will be a long summer break and we meet again at the beginning of September.

 They immediately began to decorate the tables and added plates of food and bottles of sekt = sparkling wine. This created a very relaxed and happy atmosphere as you can see from the photo on the left.

Next day I met my Tuesday Gang at the AWO. They had the same idea and brought snacks, chocolates  and bottles of sekt. Lots of talking and laughter as we exchanged information about summer holiday plans.

They are all going to other countries and in fact three were missing for they are already visiting family and friends who do not live in Germany.

Thanks for a memorable time to all and I look forward to hearing about what happened in the
 summer holidays in September. They have to practice using the simple past tense in English to do that! A good way to practice.