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In Town

Ian is in town. He flew in from Sydney last Sunday via a stopover in Singapur. He is staying with friends in the centre-west of the city. Later he is going with them to Italy for a holiday. Birgit will join them later with friends from a number of countries. They are an international pair!

Ian called me and we agreed to meet yesterday at the International Clock in Alexander Platz. Most visitors use it as a meeting place. We walked around the corner to a nice restaurant-canteen. There I had lunch and caught up on Ian’s news. He borrowed my spare mobile phone so he could call all the friends he has in Berlin to arrange meetings with them. We agreed to meet on Friday at 12.30 at a station near to where he is staying.

In a couple of hours I am meeting Johanna and we are going to an AWO Summer Party. I expect lots of food and snacks plus the dance group will give a performance. I shall then have to sneak off quietly so I can watch the 2nd half of the German-vs-South Korea football match! UPDATE: Germany lost 0:2. They are now out of the World Football Championship. Sad to see them go but I am not surprised given how they have played.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting Stefan so he can try to repair my printer. After that a visit to the hairdresser, then to a SPD local meeting and in the evening I shall watch the England-vs-Belgium match. Friday evening I shall be in the Philharmonie with my Kowalke Gang. Wonder what will happen this weekend? Enjoy yours!