Left bed


I told you in an earlier post that I lost my signet ring while visiting Skipton last August. I was with Fran and Geoff in the family Ford. I was sitting in the back seat. I  then noticed the ring was missing. I looked on the floor and seats around me. Nothing – so we retraced our steps. I even recorded the loss with the local police. I was very disturbed at the loss for it had links to my mother and her mother.

And so time went by and Geoff was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. He died a couple of weeks ago and I reported that on my blog. Fran and family decided to return the Ford to the rental firm and sent it to a ‘valet’ car service company to be cleaned up. When they picked up the Ford they found a ring in a cup holder next to the driving wheel. Someone in the valet service had found it and placed it in the cup holder. Nice to know there are still some honest people around!

Fran rang me immediately. I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait for Mr Postie to arrive with it. That happened last Monday as I was about to leave the house. That evening I opened the packet and saw the ex-lost ring. It looked exactly like it did on the day I lost it. It even smiled at me :-))