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Well done, Daniel! We met this afternoon and as we settled down for green tea and strawberry cake he told me about his examination results. He took the Abitur exam which is the equivalent of ‘A’ Levels in the UK. His overall result was 2. He got 1 in mathematics and physics and a 2 in English. Remember that English is his 5th language. Congratulations Daniel!

He arrived with two bottles of sekt. One for the printer I got for him and the other to say thanks for helping him to get a 2 in English. All I did was guide and support him. He did all the hard work. He really works hard at all his subjects. He also got a prize for a Russian language test he recently took.

He wants a book he found in my storage box. It is Ecce Homo by Friedrich Nietzsche. It is an English translation and is his autobiography. It is pocket edition number 386 of five thousand copies printed in 1927. Must be worth a lot by now!

I got it when I went to university and shall read it again. I think I shall give it to Daniel when he returns from holiday. On Monday he is meeting 50 other students and heading for Greece for a nine day holiday. I told him to just relax, enjoy the sun, swim every day and sip something nice to keep cool. He has earned a nice holiday break.