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St. P. Again

I recently got a very interesting report from Dr. Inge about her recent time in St. Petersburg. My Silsdeners know it is very nice city in the north-west of Russia. Jump in the water and swim in a westerly direction for a bit and you will arrive in Finland! The city is named after a Russian Czar. Later it was known as Leningrad and now it has gone back to its original name.

I went there with Dr. Peter von LL to an academic conference a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with the city and found the people more than polite and helpful. I also enjoyed its university environment and location. I later helped Dr. Inge to complete some forms in English to enable her to teach again at the university.

Her recent visit was to prepare students for an examination and then to mark the papers. She also made contact with friends she has known for a long time. As a young women she studied at the university, speaks fluent Russian, loves the place and people and any chance to return. I can well understand that.

I look forward to hearing more about her recent visit when we meet for a Garden Party at her home. Date to be announced. Looking forward to that too. Now enjoy a few photos she sent me.